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Larisa Lein

Travel & Education

Larisa Lein: Traveler

When she isn’t busy with her rewarding career as the Program Director for Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts in San Mateo, California, Larisa Lein loves to unwind by indulging in a few of her favorite pastimes and loves. 

First and foremost, Larisa Lein loves to spend time with her family whenever she has a chance. Living in San Francisco, she is so grateful to have them in her life to share in her joys and passions. One such passion is dance; she is a dancing enthusiast who enjoys not only watching professionals who are masters at the craft, she also loves dancing and moving her own body.

Growing up in Russia, Larisa Lein has developed a deep love for traveling. A polyglot who is fluent in English and her native Russian with working knowledge of Spanish, Larisa loves the ability to connect and communicate with the locals during her travels. Her life has included travels across Europe and Asia, exploring places both near to her heart and brand new. 

Alongside the rest and relaxation aspects of travel, Larisa Lein also loves journeying to new places for the chance to expand her palate, learn new things, and broaden her knowledge scope by learning about life in different areas of the world. Travel offers a unique opportunity for people to absorb new places, cultures, and ideologies not from a book but from the sources themselves.

Larisa Lein: Professional

Professionally, Larisa Lein is a skilled ultrasound technologist, healthcare professional, and the Program Director of Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts for the San Mateo Campus of the nursing school. She is RDCS, RDMS, RVT, BLS, CPR, and AED certified, and she holds her Certification of Ultrasound Technology from St. Vincent’s College and Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Moscow. 

Previously in her career, Larisa Lein has more than two decades of experience working in the healthcare field. Prior to her current role, Larisa worked with Yale New Haven Health as an Ultrasound Technologist for the Hospital’s Outpatient Radiology. Before that role, she worked with R.D. Russo and Associates Radiology, where she spent more than a decade working first as an Ultrasound Technologist and later the Director of EchoLab. 

Learn more about how travel can be an opportunity to educate yourself and be a better global citizen by visiting Larisa Lein’s blog page – check out her healthcare website as well!